Sunday, July 3, 2011

Top Publisher Programs For Arcade Sites

1. Surgedirect - cpm/cpc
     This program is very simliar to Epicgameads, but one big different is that Surgedirect allow you choose between cpm and cpc. You can switch to cpm if you don't like cpc and switch to cpc if you don't like cpm.
Also, Surgedirect has more banner size than epicgameads. In addition to the banner size from epicgameads, it also has 468x60, 200x200, 336x280 and 600x400. Surgedirect pays on 20th of every month and it is very trusted. I have received payment from them every month without any delay.

2. Epicgameads - cpm
    This is one the program that i would strongly recommended for publisher to make extra money. It supports  banner size in 728x90, 600x160, 300x250 and popunder. The payout rate for pupunder ads are pretty high. For example, for tier one country such as USA, the rate is $5.00 ecpm. Even if you got lot of tier three traffic, you can still earn $1.00 ecpm. The payment term is net 30. I have used them for couple of month already, they alway pay on time.

3. Google Adsense - cpm/cpc
    This program is the best known and most used on most arcade sites,but it has very strict policy. The payout rate for adsense is pretty good. Ecpm is extremely high for tier one traffic. The payment term is net 30 with a thredhold of $100.00.

4. Cpmstar

5. A4games

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